Transportation Tips

There are several ways you can get to and from the ride.

  1. You can get someone to drive you to the start of the ride and then pick you  up at the end of the ride.
  2. You can purchase a bus ride from where the ride ends (Saint Clair) to where the ride starts (Holland) for June 23.  On June 23 you drive to where the ride ends. Your  bike will be loaded onto a truck and driven to where the ride starts. During the week  you bike to the end where you are reunited with your vehicle on June 29 and drive home.
  3. You can purchase a bus ride from end of the ride to where the ride started for June 29.  You drive to the start of the ride (Saugatuck) on June 23. During the week you bike to the end.  There you take a bus back to where the ride started. Your bike is loaded  onto a truck. After the bus ride you, your bike, and your vehicle are reunited  in Saugatuck, and you drive home.
  4. You could drive to the start and arrange to have your vehicle driven from site to site during the week. We don’t encourage this: there is limited parking at the schools where we  stay. You will need indicate that you will need parking on the application, obtain a PALM Vehicle Pass, and  park in the designated area. The driver of the vehicle is considered a participant of PALM and will have to pay the registration fee even if they do not ride. It’s up to you to figure out how to get your vehicle from one site to another. We will provide maps to the next site so that you don’t drive on the bike route. It’s a hassle but still some people do this.