Volunteer Staff

Positions and Descriptions

Board (5)

Ride Chair –

The PALM Chairman oversees the entire PALM tour and works directly with all the other committee members. The Chairman is the head of the board and moderates at all PALM staff meetings. During the tour week, the Chairman acts as the emcee and host at all the nightly rider meetings along the tour route.

Vice Chair –

The Vice Chair is responsible for making the initial contact with each potential site. Letting them know what PALM’s needs would be. Getting them to make a firm commitment to hosting PALM and making sure the facility use forms are filled out. Give the contact information for each site to the individual site coordinators. Then the vice chair oversees each site through the specific arrangements made by the site coordinators and solving problems when they arise with the schools and facilities. Vice-Chair is also there to give help to the Chair as they need it.

Secretary –

Treasurer –

Member at large –

As board member at large, they get to do just about anything that needs doing from helping with site procurement to loading bikes and everything in between.

Other Positions –

Bike Education Chair (Effective Cycling) –

The Bike Education Chairperson facilitates classes each evening that cover most aspects of bicycling for fitness, touring, or simple pleasure.  Each class lasts about an hour. Nightly subjects include:  Safe cycling, what to expect on your first week-long ride, cycling as traffic, riding with kids, fixing a flat tire, how to adjust your bike fit to ride efficiently, using your bike’s gears effectively, and an entire class devoted to proper maintenance and basic adjustments to your bike.  The final evening’s wrap-up has a short video and an open Q&A session.  The instructor should be a current League Certified Instructor (or equivalent).


Bike Shops (2) –

Children’s Coordinator –

Provide late afternoon activities for children; ages kindergarten through adult, during the ride from Saturday through Thursday between 4 – 5:30 PM. Like everyone else on staff; attend monthly meetings, participating in staff decisions. Some of the duties include; purchase supplies needed for the week, arrive at the site by 3 PM to set up for activities, and have fun with participants!

Finance Chair –

This job involves receiving PALM applications from riders and checking them for accuracy and completeness; if all is well, then I send the applications on to the Registration folks and deposit the checks.

Finance Assistant –

Helps Finance Chair when needed, specifically in opening mail and sending confirmation emails to applicants.

Jersey –

Put a jersey design together, select the material used for the jersey, figure out what extra sizes may be needed to accommodate any day of ride orders, contact Voler to get on their schedule for production and shipping and receive the size breakdown from those involved in tracking the orders by name, size and this year, Women’s and Men’s sizes. They provide high resolution JPG files of the art for inclusion in the brochure. They also place the order at Voler using their in house spread sheet file for this part of my job. The order is shipped to the person to whom I am told is assigned the job of distributing the orders at registration for the start of the ride.

Mail Granny –

Monitor and respond to e-mails sent to PALM and phone calls to the PALM number. I also arrange for the staff rental van for the week of PALM, maintain memberships in the various bicycle tour organizations (LMB, LAB, NBTDA/BTN), and arrange for the PALM insurance (liability, D & O).

Mass Media –

Notify the media (newspapers, radio, internet, TV) about the PALM ride, dates, route, basic info; keep a copy of all info sent out, in the PALM media binder; attend meetings in Lansing; and vote on any decisions brought up at each meeting.

Milepost Editor –

Milepost is the travel guide for PALM. The milepost staff travels the route locating and researching all the information that is included in the brochure. We then assemble all of the material into a format that we feel you will enjoy reading.

Milepost Assistance

Assists the Milepost Editor

Photographer –

The photographer takes photos during the ride week in an attempt to get photos of all the riders. Photos can be found under the About PALM heading on the Web site. If a rider has a Shutterfly account, they are able to post their photos during the weeks ride.

Police Liaison –

The police liaison’s position notifies all the law enforcement agencies (municipalities, county, and state police) of the route across the state. All jurisdictions are aware of the streets/roads PALM is traveling. This helps with safe travel across Michigan.  There are approximately 30 different agencies that get notified.

Public Relations (P.R.) –

Registration Chair –

Create application mailing list. Work with the printer to design and mail out the application / postcard notices. After they have been verified, enter applications into a database and mail out confirmation letters. Create bus lists and meal lists. Create and disperse meal, bus, t shirt size, and jersey size counts. Create rider sheet and label for the registration packets.

Route Chair –

Route Chair Assistant (Alt) –

After the main route is finalized, develop an optional longer ride that departs and rejoins the main route.  This is done Sunday through Thursday.  Most days are an extra 10-15 miles.  We do one century (100 mile) ride, usually on Wednesday.  There is also a Saturday pre-ride for those who arrive early.

Sag Chair –

Sag Driver –

Sales Chair –

Sales Helper –

Site Chair (2 per site) –

Site Coordinators prepare the site for the bikers. Planning months ahead of the ride and day of the ride preparations. Site coordinators are not able to bike the day bikers travel to their perspective site. Liaison with school personnel to facilitate use of public school facilities and services for a PALM overnight visit. Overall duties include planning for parking and camping areas, scheduling group meals, facilitating site signage for camping, showers and restrooms, arranging for entertainment and concessions, and manning the daily site information desk. Generally, two or more site coordinators are assigned to each school site to ensure continuity of the PALM site visit.

Site Person – extra

Transportation Chair –

Transportation Assistant –

Truck Driver – Daily

Truck Driver – Start/End

Videographer – Archivist

Watermelon Person –

Web Specialist –

The Web Specialist is responsible for taking care of the Web site and keeping it up to date with current information and material .