PALM Patch Design Contest

You can win a free registration to ride PALM (just the registration fee, not the meals or bus) by designing the PALM ride patch. The deadline for entry is September 30. The winning design will be chosen at a regular PALM meeting by a vote of the staff. All patches are viewed with the identity of the artist unknown. All entrants will be notified and all non-winning entries returned. Of course we retain the winning entry.

The rules are as follows:

  • All PALM riders are eligible to enter. You may enter as many designs as you want.
  • Entries must be postmarked on or before September 30. No exceptions. Late entries will be returned.
  • Use oval, diamond, square, rectangle, circle, etc. We prefer designs that do not create undue problems with the shape. An irregular shape (or scallops, etc. on the outline) is more expensive to make.
  • Computer-assisted designs are acceptable.
  • Size of the design should not be much larger than previous patches. We prefer a size of about 3.5 inches by 4.5 inches.
  • Colors should be pretty basic. A design that is gorgeous because it has many shades and colors may be difficult or impossible to reproduce in a patch.
  • The patch should include the year and ride number. It need not be in Roman numerals.
  • If you submit a good design, but it is not chosen – keep it. Change the number and year of the tour, and re-submit it the next year. Some years we are flooded with great designs, while the next year we may receive next to none.
  • We can improve the details, if you are not great at drawing.
  • Please put your name, address, and phone number on the back of the patch design. Entries should be mailed to: PALM, P. O. Box 7161, Ann Arbor, MI 48107.
  • Entries may also be sent as an email attachment to

To see all of the past PALM patches you can find the link under the HISTORY heading or you can click here.