Letter from the Chair

Wow, what a great year to be Chair of PALM!
New and exciting things are in store for us.

We are working on a very beautiful route through the
southern half of the state, and our registration process
is being updated so it will be more convenient for everyone
to use.

I would like to thank all riders who participated in PALM 35. A lot of sun and very little rain gave us one of the best years
ever. I know that it was hot on some days, but we all drank
plenty of water and made it just fine.

About one third of PALM 35 participants were new to week long touring. To them I say, congratulations! Some of the days were long and hilly but, as Gary (our route Chair) would say, “That builds character”.  I am so proud of the riders who completed their first metric or full century on this year’s tour. That is quite an accomplishment to look back on.

Please feel free to browse our web page for information on
our ride and some fun pictures. Look for some new features
as well.

Thanks again, and see you on the road!  

Andy Vast-Binder

Chair, PALM 36