Dates: June 21-27, 2014 The PALM application will be available on the Web site on January 12, 2014. Don’t forget to put it on your calendar.

Route Update:

The PALM Committee is still working on the route for next year but we can tell you that PALM XXXIII will begin in Holland and end in Lexington. Please continue to watch the web for more information.

PALM Photos

In order to share pictures, PALM has established a “Share Site” on Shutterfly.  If you wish to see pictures from this year’s ride, just use the pull down menu for “About PALM” and choose “Ride Photos.”  If you wish to add some of your own pictures to the site, please do one of the following.  First, if you have a Shutterfly Account, just go to, sign in, and follow the prompts to add your pictures.  You can create a new album or add to an existing one.  Second, if you don’t have a Shutterfly account and don’t wish to sign up for one, you can email your pictures to, or send a CD of them to PALM, PO Box 7161, Ann Arbor, MI 48107.  We can then add your pictures to the Share Site.
You can, of course, also upload pictures to Facebook for us all to enjoy.

PALM 2013 (June 22-28, 2013)

Another PALM has come and gone and now we have to wait until next year. So mark it on your calendar, PALM XXXIII dates are June 21-27, 2014. Also remember to download the application on Sunday, January 12, 2014.

Here is a great article written by Ray Kisonas, Monroe News, about Laura White and Erika Pfeiffer who road a tandem across Michigan. Click here for more information.

Follow the blogs written by Elizabeth Shaw who rode PALM this year…

Check out the new PALM Videos page. You can also find the link under About PALM.