Saugatuck Site Update

PLEASE NOTE: Due to limited parking spaces at Saugatuck, private sags who are NOT tent-campers will park over night at the elementary school approximately two miles from the high school. A porta-john will be available, but we will not not have access to bathrooms/showers at this school. Details and maps pending.

Registration is Closed

Registration for PALM 36 is officially closed.

If for some reason you need a refund, you have until the 10th of May to request it.

Is Your Bike Ready for a Tour?

For all our first time riders, and for that matter, all our riders, now is a great time to have your local bike mechanic check out your bike and make sure it is in good condition.
By doing this, you can avoid a lot of time standing in line at the bike shop after a hard day’s ride.

May 1st!

PALM 2017 Poster

Perfect for posting at your local bike shop!

Click the picture to download a full size file, or find it on the Downloads menu.