Registration is Closed

Registration for PALM 36 is officially closed.

If for some reason you need a refund, you have until the 10th of May to request it.

Is Your Bike Ready for a Tour?

For all our first time riders, and for that matter, all our riders, now is a great time to have your local bike mechanic check out your bike and make sure it is in good condition.
By doing this, you can avoid a lot of time standing in line at the bike shop after a hard day’s ride.

May 1st!

PALM 2017 Poster

Perfect for posting at your local bike shop!

Click the picture to download a full size file, or find it on the Downloads menu.

The Application Is Now Available

The 2017 PALM application is now available here and on the Downloads tab.

Please tell everybody you know. We don’t have everybody’s email.

To register for PALM 2017, mail the completed application (with the required signatures), a business sized stamped self-addressed envelope, and a check or money order covering the appropriate fees for all participants on the application to PALM, PO Box 7161, Ann Arbor, MI 48107.

If you want to register as part of a group, include all the applications for your group in the same envelope when you mail them to us. That way either everybody in your group will get on PALM or no one from your group will get on PALM.
If some members of your group live far away, have them download the Signature Waiver now, sign it, and send it to you beforehand so that you can put the signed waivers in the same envelope as your application(s) that you are mailing to us.

We have filled as quickly as two days. We use the postmark on the envelope as the cutoff. To guarantee the earliest possible postmark, take the envelope to a post office and ask them to postmark the envelope immediately and mail it 1st class. You don’t have to mail the application by priority mail: that doesn’t affect the postmark. We go by postmark even if it takes days for us to receive it.

If you have questions or concerns Please email us at or call 734-669-0172.