Bus Information for Saturday

For the Saturday Bus ride, we try to have the buses leave in a staggered start at 8:30, depending if people have their bikes prepared and loaded.

The buses will stop for lunch somewhere along the route and arrive in Saugatuck sometime around 3, if all goes well.

The key is to be patient and have fun!

I-75 Southbound Lanes are Closed South of Detroit

If you are taking the PALM bus from Gibraltar on Saturday morning, please note that there is construction and also detours along I-75 south of Detroit. If you can, avoid this section of I-75, or at least allow yourself extra time for the drive to Gibraltar.

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2017 PALM Photo Contest

Time to start thinking about this year’s PALM photo contest. We have new rules that should be a lot easier to follow. The winner will get a FREE registration for next year’s ride! We are using Google Photos as the site to upload your pictures. If you’re not signed up to Google Photos, do it now.

PALM Photo contest instructions

  1. Take photo!
  2. Click the link to the PALM Photo Contest Google Photos Album: https://goo.gl/photos/zqGgsHqvjEbioySy8
  3. Log onto your Gmail account or create one
  4. Click Upload Photo in the PALM Photo Contest album
  5. Find and select your contest photo
  6. Add a description to the photo with your name and any extra details about the photo you wish to include
  7. Wait for results (We’ll let you know after the ride if you have won)

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Saugatuck Site Update

Saugatuck Note

PRIVATE SAGs:  Because of limited parking space, only private SAGs who are camping using tents will be allowed at Saugatuck High School.  If you are a private SAG and using a motorhome or trailer  you will have to camp overnight at Douglas Elementary School located 1.7 miles away at 261 West Randolph Street. A porta john will be available there but no access to the school itself.  A map to Douglas Elementary School is included. The area will be patrolled by law enforcement overnight. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

ALL PALM PARTICIPANTS: No camping is allowed at either site on Friday night (June 23). You will not be able to set up camp (tent, motorhome or trailer) before 12:00 noon Saturday June 24.

You can find a map to the elementary school from the high school here, and a Google earth picture of the parking lot here.




Registration is Closed

Registration for PALM 36 is officially closed.

If for some reason you need a refund, you have until the 10th of May to request it.